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Added Mar 01 2006 09:38 PM
110 [ Mar 01 2006 09:38 PM ]
Mindy Kay, Keystone, red dress

I started writing this entry about eight months ago and I never finished it. I'm putting it up exactly one year since my last public blog. A lot has happened since then. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • I installed a high-tech alarm system in my 20-year-old car. This one actually pre-dates the entry.
  • My Dad became a realtor after 30 successful years as a teacher. My Mom is still "in the trenches".
  • I took some cool rides in Nick's Dodge Viper
  • I partied on the 4th of July with Mary's Grandma and she got me rocked
  • Ron & Mary "shacked-it-up", though not officially
  • I saw f*ckin' "Diamond" Dave in concert with Ron & Mary
  • I played with many corgis, including Samson
  • I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay including my beloved QSC USA400 and my yellow Tele
  • I went to my first baby shower
  • I am currently on a sabbatical from Friction a.k.a. The Lance Experience -- but you never know -- reunion tour?
  • I continued to play in a gay Scandinavian heavy metal cover band (B * R * O)
  • I bought a house!
  • SUPERFileRecover and BootSafe were released!
  • Don Jovi won the Master of All Domains competition
  • I had the "Ingrid Crisis" four years too late. More on that at another time...
  • I moved out of the luxurious and historic Fir Tree building
  • SuperAdBlocker.com turned two-years-old today (March 1, 2006)!

Happy 57th birthday, Dad! Happy 2nd birthday, SAB!

The stuff under the dashes is what I originally wrote (2005-06-04 01:16:19)...


Don Jovi registered his first domain a few weeks back.

Check it out: masterofalldomains.com.

M.O.A.D., or "manathon" as we like to call it, is essentially a friendly baculum-measuring exercise between close male friends.

Alright, I know, human dudes don't have a penis bone.


I used to carry a small Kodak with me to parties. 10 years ago, somebody used it to take this picture of Mindy pouring a Keystone on me -- at least, I think that's me under the blanket. I can barely remember. I like to think it was me, but I'll never know for sure.

This was a Christmas cocktail party. The girl in the red dress initiated a three-way makeout session with her boyfriend and another girl while I was "stationed" on the floor. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any of this for myself. My roommate told me about it the next day. I only wish somebody would've taken a picture of that! (Apparently, it was pretty hot.)

Despite the Keystone, I most definitely woke up the next morning with a "bitter beer face."

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