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Added Mar 01 2005 10:10 PM
Fax Ma'am [ Mar 01 2005 10:10 PM ]
Latina Fey

I was browsing through some MySpace profiles the other day when I realized that I have no idea what the hell any of these people are talking about. I don't recognize any of their favorite bands, books, TV shows, movies, etc. I don't understand any of their contemporary obscurities. I must be the only jackoff on the planet who got left out of the twenty-something fashion and music revolution.

This picture (which has nothing to do with anything) came from the box of a HP 1040 inkjet fax machine.

The Ovulators have a bunch of new photos posted here. Dori [ pic ] kicks ass.

Unfortunately, I am hooked on 44 oz. pop again. This addiction has ruled my life since I was about eight years old. My dealer has her doors open from early morning until late late at night. There is no escape. I will never break free.

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