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Added Nov 30 2004 09:10 PM
Her Is Murder [ Nov 30 2004 09:10 PM ]
Elena - From Ukraine With Love

This personal blog thing is almost pointless since I never have the time to update it. While I'll save the "what's going on" talk for another entry, I do have a few disjointed, unrelated, and trivial things to say now...


I was just scanning my old PSY 304 notes when I remembered that Danielle (whom I'd known since kindergarten) was in that class with me. In 5th grade, Danielle expressed her extreme like for the ZZ Top song "Rough Boy". At the time, I thought it sucked...though I've since come around to enjoying all of the 'Top classics. Danielle had a stunning wall of hair.


I have no serious comment to make about the picture on the left, other than to say that I'm a fool for black velvet and lacy ruffles. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut off Elena's head -- I dug the outfit and I was trying to maintain my usual blog pic aspect ratio. Don't get the wrong idea. I like my people (including women) with heads.

You should see the huge heels on her boots (which I unfortunately also cut off in this picture.)


The coolest movie lines ever:

TERMINATOR: A phased plasma pulse-laser in the forty watt range...

CLERK: (annoyed) Just what you see, pal.

You can read the full script here.


I've been listening to an awful lot of ABBA lately. This is the definitive place on the web to get your ABBA fix.


Are you looking to court and marry a woman from Russia, Ukraine, or another former U.S.S.R. country? Then check out Ms. Petrova's Russian Brides Cyber Guide.


Finally, you really must visit the bitchin' Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events that I found last night. Hint -- if you find a glowing metal object on a South American construction site, DO NOT put it in your pants.

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